Timber Benchtops for Kitchen or Bathroom

All Solid Timber Kitchen benchtops produced by Monro Timbers Central Coast are bespoke benchtops, custom manufactured to suits your requirements.
Send us a photo of your ideas and we can discuss a range of options for Timber Species, Solid Benchtop or Laminated Timber Benchtop, coating finishes such as durable Polyurethane to environmentally friendly natural timber oil. We can comfortably work from exact and professionally drawn plans to a rough sketches.
Refer to our Timbers Selection Page for a list of timbers that we can manufacture your solid timber benchtop from.


Custom machining available on all of our Solid and Laminated Timber Benchtops.


Solid Timber Benchtops can be manufactured from a variety of Exotic imported timber species such as Zebrawood through to the most environmentally sustainable Pine or Recycled Hardwoods Benchtops.


A variety of timber coatings are available for your timber benchtop. From the hardest 2 part, oil based polyurethane to a more environmentally friendly timber benchtop coating such as Natural oils.


Seamless joints for a typical Solid Timber Benchtop with Waterfall (Australian Spotted Gum as pictured).


Monro Timbers can craft any curved solid timber benchtops which are generally manufactured as a laminated solid timber benchtop.


Monro Timbers will happily duplicate any picture or image sent to us by your Architect, Kitchen Designer or stylist. Designer Timber Benchtops are our specialty.