Timber Sinks and basins

Monro Timber basins, sinks and washdown areas are only crafted from solid timbers. Fabrication of your wooden basin is a handmade process which requires thorough experience, competence and knowledge of appropriate timbers and manufacture methods. Send us a photo of your ideas so we can discuss the range of options for Timber species, coatings, fittings and design. Refer to our Timbers Selection Page for a list of timbers that we can manufacture your solid timber benchtop from.


Let us create an object of exhilarating style into the heart of your bathroom renovation.


Quirky and unrealistic styles are not beyond our imagination. Our ability to incorporate hidden subframes, hidden forms and elements from other material such as stainless steel are well within our capabilities.


Even simpler and smaller timber basins are capable of announcing themselves when you walk into the room.


Adjoining lintels, soap dishes, benchtops, vanities storage areas and accessories will all compliment your choice of basin style.


As pictured left, thin strip solid hardwood timbers, laminated into a robust form, complete this enduring yet elegant modern bathroom basin style.


Monro Timbers can comfortably duplicate any picture or image sent to us by your Architect, Designer or Bathroom Remodeler.