Welcome to Monro Timber Central Coast for a great range of timber benchtops, timber tabletops, timber basins, timber bathroom vanities and custom made timber entrance doors.
All of our products are custom made to suit individual requirements.
Your options are endless and include;
• Styling to suit your interior design – Minimalist, Industrial, Contemporary, Scandinavian, Rustic and everything in between.
• A range of timber coatings from waterbased sealers, natural oils, polyurethanes to 2 pack epoxy glass coatings.
• Choice of timber species are endless. Any timber and any species can be created into a benchtop, vanity, basin or entrance door of your dreams.

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Timber Benchtops

Timber benchtops and tabletops are our most popular product. Whilst they are often manufactured from Australian native hardwoods, we can source a large range of exotic imported hardwood timbers

Timber Basins

Timber basins are an exquisite product and require fastidious attention to manufacturing detail.

Timber Vanities

Timber bathroom vanities offer a warmer touch for your bathroom. We can combine both timber and laminate to create exceptionally stunning bathrooms.

Timber Entrance Doors

Our custom made Timber Entrance doors are predominantly architect inspired. Door designs range from contemporary styles through to extraordinary pieces of art that define your home.